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When Do You Need A Root Canal?

Here are some signs that show that you may require root canal treatment:

  • Unbearable pain when you chew or apply pressure on the affected tooth
  • Protracted pain when the temperature is hot or cold
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Appearance of permanent or intermittent pimples on the gum
  • The tooth has become abscessed, meaning that tooth pulp has died and a pus pocket has been formed around the root’s edge
  • Your tooth has decayed and has developed deep cavity
  • The tooth has been severely injured and the nerve has died
  • The tooth has been fractured and the fracture has made its way deep into the pulp
  • The root structure has dissolved as a result of a trauma, injury or tooth movements
  • Our experts will closely examine your tooth before suggesting you to undergo root canal. We have already saved many people from root canal by using other treatment options.

    How Is Root Canal Performed?

    If you presume that root canal is a one-time procedure, you are wrong. The procedure requires two or more sittings. Our dentists can perform the highest quality and safe root canal treatment. We specialize in identifying diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases of your tooth nerve and pulp.

    Remember, root canal has to be performed only by the well-qualified dentists and the good news is that we already have the industry’s top dentists. Our dentists will first examine your tooth to see if it qualifies for a root canal or can be treated with other methods.

    If we find that your tooth requires root canal, we will take an X-ray of the affected region to determine if there is any infection in the bone surrounding the tooth. We will ask you questions about any medications you are taking or any other health complications you might have, so we can take proper measures prior to the procedure.

    We will also determine if the nerve is dead or alive. If the tooth nerve is alive, we will give you a local anesthesia to numb the region so you can stay comfortable throughout the procedure. We want the region to be dry, so we can perform the procedure; therefore, we will place a rubber sheet around the affected tooth to collect the saliva secreted by your mouth.

    In the next step we will drill a hole in the tooth and then detach the pulp, debris, nerve tissue and bacteria. We will use root canal files during the cleaning process. We will also use larger canal files to get down to the root of the tooth and in the process scrape and clean the sides of the root.

    On your second sitting, we will fill the hole we made in the tooth with a filling material called gutta-percha. If you want the root canal to be covered with a crown, we will take measurement of the root canal and place the crown over the tooth in the third sitting. Using crown increases the root canal’s life.

    Expectations After Root Canal

    After your root canal procedure has been completed, you will feel relieved of the pain. However, we advise you to limit your tendency to chew on the root canal. This is important to avert any potential recontamination of the repaired tooth. It will also prevent your treated tooth from breakage, especially if your root canal is not crowned.

    If you feel that the treated tooth is sensitive and has got inflammation for few days after the procedure, do not panic. This is normal and you will get comfortable within few days. We may also tell you to use an over-the-counter medicine to get over the inflammation and pain, if any. We have noticed that a majority of our past patients have returned to their routine lives the very next day.


    Remember, no matter how best your root canal has been performed and your tooth has been cleaned, there is probability for infection to plague the area. You should be careful and our dentists will advise you as to how you should protect your tooth from new infections.

    Our team of expert dentists will keep no stone unturned to make the procedure safe. This is one of the factors that have turned us into a household name in the industry.

    When you go to inexperienced dentists to get root canal, you take avoidable risks. Here are some common issues with inexperienced dentists:

    • They don’t clean the root canal and other teeth properly after the procedure, which increases the chances for new infections.
    • You may get an invisible crack at the tooth’s root.
    • You get defective root canal that allows bacteria to re-contaminate the treated region
    • The filling material may breakdown gradually, letting bacteria to enter the root canal and spread infection

    Post Procedure Care

    When the root canal procedure has been completed, you may sense some sensitivity and inflammation in the treated area. This may continue for few days and occurs as a result of your body’s natural healing process. You may also sense some bruising in your jaw when you keep it open for a longer period. This is also temporary and can be overcome with over-the-counter medications. We will give you complete instructions on how to use medicines.

    After the root canal procedure, you should:

    • Not eat food for few hours until your mouth feels relaxed
    • Not chew on the treated tooth for few days until it has been completely restored
    • Brush your teeth and floss regularly
    • Visit our clinic immediately if you think that the root canal is acting abnormal
    • If you want to know if your tooth qualifies for root canal, contact us now and discuss your case with one of our expert dentists.

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