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Understanding the Process: An Explanation of Dental Fillings

The mouth is an area of the body that deserves special care. Issues that occur here can cause more than just minor discomfort. They can cause severe pain and hinder normal daily functions. Beyond that, individuals that have dental issues may have the presence of a more severe disease and can see cosmetic issues of the oral region that result in loss of self-confidence. Therefore, it is vital to get proper dental care from a qualified dentist. At Avon Dental Round Lake we strive to preserve the health of your mouth.

If you are going to a dentist, you are likely to hear about different procedures that are common. Among them are dental fillings. Rather than be discouraged or nervous about this dental service, consider reading more. The following explains more about our dental filling process and what to expect if you are planning on having the procedure completed with us. WE’ll begin by explaining just what are dental fillings.

What are Dental Fillings?

One of the reasons we may recommend dental fillings is to restore a tooth that has been damaged. Normally, it is recommended because the tooth has had some sort of cosmetic damage or a cavity. It is, ultimately, a way for us to restore the overall healthiness of a tooth and get it back to as close to working order as possible without any additional expensive treatment.

The Filling Process

When it comes to dental fillings, the first thing that we usually do is to numb the area around the service site. This is done most typically through an injectable anesthetic which may be put into the gum line, roof of the mouth, or the fleshy hinge of the internal jaw area. This is to help ensure that you feel no discomfort or pain during the process, though minor pressure may still be felt.

The next step in the process of dental fillings is to remove the decayed area of the teeth. This is done through a variety of mechanisms. It can also depend on the depth and amount of decay and where in the mouth it is located. We use a tool such as a drill or air abrasive instrument.

When the decay has been removed, the next step in the dental fillings process is to clean the area. Specifically, we clean out any of the bacteria that may be present in the tooth or any additional decay. This is to completely prepare the area for the actual filling. It is also to ensure any infection is removed, thus decreasing the chance for pain and spread of disease during the healing process. Then, we will fill the hole with a material that completely seals the inner tooth. A liner may be included as well if the filling is going to be placed near the root of the tooth. This is, once again, meant to decrease the chance of additional issues and pain and reinfection.

The filling material is not applied in a clump. Rather, it is placed into the mouth through a layering of the materials. This creates a slow buildup to fill the tooth. Finally, a sealant is placed upon the filling to ensure that the tooth is completely sealed from bacteria and infection. It also helps to harden the material so that it is functional as a tooth in chewing and other normal processes. A sealant light may then be used to completely finish the process, depending on the color and type of filling.

What Material Will It Be?

When getting dental fillings, we provide several colors based on the materials used. We can ensure that the color of the filling is what the individual wants, within reason, by choosing the appropriate materials. For example, the filler can be gold, silver, or more natural looking. Once the substance is placed into the tooth to fill it, especially if going for a more natural look, a light may be applied so that it shades the tooth to the appropriate color.

The Cost

We are aware that some individuals want to avoid dental fillings and other oral procedures because they fear that the cost is too high. This is an understandable fear but the truth is that there is not one set price. The cost of dental fillings can vary widely due to be level of treatment and location of he tooth. The filling will be based upon the extensive nature of the procedure, how deep the decay, and the type of materials used. While we can’t provide specific costs here, we can work with you to provide quality care at an affordable price. The basic range is from one-hundred ten dollars to three-hundred per tooth.

Because of the routine nature of this procedure, however, it is commonly covered by insurance. The amount of reimbursement or coverage, however, will range from individual provider to individual provider. Talk to your insurance provider to see if they offer full or partial coverage of this procedure.

The Importance

The importance of dental fillings cannot be underestimated. Dental fillings allow for a tooth to be somewhat salvaged. If a filling is inserted into the mouth, it saves a person from having a full extraction. This can help preserve the look of the mouth as well as functionality. We believe that the more natural teeth that remain, the better the overall health of the mouth. We are in the business of saving your smile. Therefore, dental fillings should be seen as a mechanism of restoration and preservation.

Further, as mentioned before, dental fillings allow for normal, oral functions to continue more efficiently. From mastication to digestion, a functioning set of teeth is important to the overall health of the body. Therefore, this procedure—if recommended—should not be entered into with fear but with an understanding that you are preserving one of the most important areas of your body: your mouth.

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